Marie-Djouna Louis-Jean Eliancy

Marie-Djouna Louis-Jean

About me

My name is Marie-Djouna Louis-Jean Eliancy. I was born in the southern part of Haiti, Jeremie, a beautiful city. I am a married mother of three.


Read, teach, pray, make new friends, coach, cook, quilt, sing, and write poetry.


I graduated from Arizona University Global Campus – San Diego, CA with a Master’s degree in Special Education and from Barry University in Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Studies/ specialization in Human Resources. In addition, I studied General Psychology for four years at the State University of Haiti in Port-Au-Prince. I have training as an Interactive Radio Producer for education purposes and Education Management from the American States (OAS) Organization in Montreal, Canada. I also worked as an Interactive scriptwriter for distance learning.

LANGUAGES:     I speak English, French, & Haitian Creole


Currently, I am a Freelance Telephonic Interpreter English-French-Creole for Lionbridge Company. My main duty is to provide simultaneous interpretation from the source language to the target language while the speakers continuously speak via telephone. I interpret for different clients, including government offices, insurance companies, hospitals, mental health, etc.…

I am managing a family business, DJOUNA’S TUTORING & THFA, LLC.

I worked at both the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate for four years.

I also have teaching experiences with homeschooling my three offsprings and  with Miami Dade County, Public schools as an adult education ESOL teacher. I substituted K-12 and worked as a child care provider running my facility in the past.


I am a member of the Golden Key Academy (GKA) Society, Dean List, and AmeriCorps.

As a passionate life-long learner, resilient and a hard worker, I always wanted to serve my community better. Therefore, I am delighted to give back and pursue this long journey m, making a difference in the lives of others. For that I find myself in the Christopher Reeve ‘s quote, “I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure despite overwhelming obstacles.”


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