For over a decade, DJOUNA’S TUTORING has helped several students and their families achieve educational growth through the academic coaching and personal development mentoring that we provided to them.  We provide tutoring in all core subjects and at all grade levels. Our programs range between alternative academic school, one-on-one coaching, and group tutoring in varied forms from afterschool homework assisting, homeschooling assistance for K-12, test preparation for college entrance students, and ESOL for non-English speakers to summer bridge and enrichment programs.

Our programs and services have made a great difference in the lives of many students in Miami-Dade and Broward neighboring communities. We are proud of the impact and success that our work has had on the many children and families that we have helped on their path to educational growth.

DJOUNA’S TUTORING aims to serve students and families who live in Miami-Dade primarily. The city is home to a majority of families of Haitian ancestry and whose heads of household are severely deficient in the English language. Outreach campaign of the program is usually done through publication materials and appearances on local radio and television stations, churches, and other community’s events. We know that families with older first-generation Haitian immigrants often are illiterate in their own language of origin. These families not only lack in formal education but also many of them are struggling to achieve some financial stability.  Students from families with little education and with economic difficulties are shown to be at greater risk of academic failure especially in the areas of math,  reading and language arts.

DJOUNA'S TUTORING program offers affordable rates.

A growing body of research shows that children who participate in quality after-school programs have higher school attendance and academic achievement and are less likely to be involved in risky behaviors during and after school hours. Our program is open to all children.

The weekly program runs from Monday through Friday. The first hour is focused on our extra tutoring on mathematics, reading comprehension, and language & arts. Each tutoring session lasts 1.5 hours followed by homework assistance. From 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm, we incorporate public speaking, emotional wellness coaching, and other life skills. We also cover holidays, teacher’s planning days, recess weeks, and early release days to accommodate families in need for babysitting. During Summer, we offer an interesting one-month summer bridge enrichment package to prepare our students for the new school year.

80% of program participants have seen an increase in their reading and language arts fluency as measured by one grade up after 2 months of enrollment and evidenced by either interim report cards or final grade for the semester.  Additionally, we also have 60% of the participants who show improvement in math skills as measured by one grade up after every 2-month period of tutoring.


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